Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Why? ( my adventures )

Why do you do what you do?
What drives me to say "screw money", "screw fame" ?

- That is a tough one!
Well not really tough, just hard to explain to the average person.

Hmm... Let's start at Day One.

When I was born, I looked at my surroundings, and pretty much noticed that money is what drives 99.99% of people out there (to some degree). When I was old enough to carry a conversation with my parents, I told them 'I want to be the richest man in the world'.

Sure all kids dream, but the dream never dissappeared. I was offered jobs paying $75,000+/yr while only sixteen years old (computer related); and I was still in high school.

Honesly, childhood was pretty strange for me... Not in a bad way though.

You see, I was basically always the smartest kid in class... all the way through college. My friends would always ask me how the hell I always know the answer when I NEVER, absolutely never studied. Honestly it puzzled me why the other kids in the class stressed out so much about some test or project... which in reality could be completed in 1-2 hours--- but since they cared more about getting a good grade than actually soaking in what it is they are working on in the first place; it takes them a week to finish.

That is one of the reasons that I would honestly have to say that the school systems of the 21st century need reform. I was the kind of kid who never gave a damn about anything, or anyone in school. I just went to get that stupid little worthless piece of paper. In fact, in the College-level Calculus class I took in high school- I was voted as the most likely to be anywhere except in class.

Yet for some strange reason I still absorbed more of the information than those students who attended everyday, and studied every night.

To be totally honest with you, I think there is a trick to learning. I do not believe that I am smarter than any human being, or any being for that matter on this earth. The word smart is used too often, and incorrectly sometimes.

I was in all the Advanced classes back in high school, yet I hung out with the kids who were always causing trouble, many dropped-out, you know the 'bad-asses' who didn't give a F*** about anything.

But what I never understood was why people viewed me so differently than my friends, solely because of my ability to answer a few questions correctly... that's just stupidity if you asked me.

I've always, in my heart, beleived that everyone on Earth was created equally under GOD
I've also written a 25+ page story on what "GOD" is... not like a religion's definition of god, its more of a realistic explanation of how the concept of God has integrated every portion of our society... and also how the concept of God & The explanations/guidelines on how to live (religion) has lead to almost every single war in human history--- But in other forms has also created love, and compassion in the world. Plus a little bit of science (Einstein's Relativity, Big Band, String Theory...), regarding the creation of the universe, how "god" can be included in that same equation.

I beleive that any hate in this world can be directly linked to a biased opinion. For example: Since I appeared clean-cut, and well-versed people would always show me great respect--- and tell me how capable I was.

On the other hand, my best friend who was just as capable as me--- simply based on appearance was given the cold shoulder more often than not. This is not the way children should grow up in this world, but I guess for right now... that's life.

I bring all of my past experiences to light in hopes that someone out there reading this can personally relate it to themselves, or to someone close to them. I beleive that people should not be judged by what they have done, or even what they are likely to do. Judging is just another form of a bias. For example: If a homeless person on the street struck a real conversation with me, and had actual insight--- I am very likely to treat him/her with the same respect I would treat Donald Trump or Bill Gates with.

Knowledge is Power.
Money is False Power.

In America, we tend to mix this up quite often. I'm sure most of you would agree that you've met someone less financially secure than yourself--- yet they seemed to be very intelligent & capable; more than some of the stingy millionaires out there.

Having owned & managed a number of businesses over the years... I can personally attest to the tremendous illusion of 'Power' & 'Respect' you gain from success in the business world. Regardless of where you are right now in life, you will mentally be the exact same person you were before all the riches & fame.

Later in life, one of my problems became the difficulty of finding my true 'peers'. Still to this day that is a seemingly impossible goal. Not necessarily because I'm any better, or any worse than any human being... But after gaining a very large amount of knowledge, and success; it becomes difficult to avoid excessive compliments & praises. Even though the person giving the compliments has good intentions, it kinda became a struggle sometimes to always remain 100% humble. But in the end, that is all part of the success game.

All in all, I cannot give a one single reason for wanting to share all I've learned in my many ventures--- and asking nothing in return, I just hope that someone reading this can simply have an open-mind to their own beliefs... and be willing to compromise; or better yet extrapolate & expand upon their own current views. Knowledge is Power--- So start expanding :)

Money & Fun

Money & Fun

If there is a such thing as a secret to getting rich, I would have to say it is in your own personal enjoyment & fulfillment that you get out of your work; whatever it maybe.

I know it might sound simple, but in the end it is very easy to lose sight of that. When I am working on something, I hate calling it work... because that implies it is somewhat of a liability--- which it should never be.

I made a promise to myself a long time ago to never take orders from any person alive, but remember there is a fine line between what you consider to be an order & a request.

I have tried making money in every way you can imagine, and lost alot in the process. But just because you lose a little money on a couple project, never let it discourage you to try & try again. It is just a matter of refining your entrepreneurial skills.

Being an entrepreneur to me has nothing to do with investing, or profiting. It is more about following your heart & mind with any crazy idea that you truly have faith in. We all have had some great ideas for inventions, or ways of making something better... but 99% of those ideas for most are washed away, and dismissed as if it were impossible.

Just do the research, its simple. Cover every angle of the deal you can think of, and just go with it regardless. You can never cover every angle though, so don't expect millions for your idea... just get a feel for the response you get.

I'm talking alot about invention & idea, because that is what every entrepreneurial decision should entail. There are quite a few people out there who call themselves entrepreneurs, when in fact they are just following something they read in a book... or saw on TV.

Sure its possible to make a little extra money by doing the same thing that worked for someone else, but always have your mind on the next level.

Never Celebrate Money.

Why? Lets say you made $10,000 your first time out. Most people will go around bragging about how great thier new business is working, that just blows up your ego. Even if you never expected to make any money, and are shocked in the end about a profit..... Trust me, forget it & move on!

If in your head you say I'm already successful, then you are less likely to put as much effort in the next time based upon your ego (temporary confidence).

Money cannot buy happiness.

Life Outside vs. Life Inside

Life Outside vs. Life Inside

Now here is a subject that every person in the world deals every single day.

Every person actually has two minds, one that cares for thier own well-being alone, and the other that cares for everything else in the world.

There needs to be a balance between these two worlds that everyone has, and I believe that true intelligence is found in the balance of these two forces.

Living on the inside (of your mind/self) is where the true genious can be born... but also remember that there is a fine line between genious & insanity. The same person who is looked at as being a little crazy, probably has a better chance at making big changes in the world.

While growing up, we pick & choose our battles, and formulate thousands if not millions of thoughts and questions that go unanswered. Many of these questions that popped into our heads in the past remain with us until we die. Why?

First, most people are too scared to bring up a question if it is different than the expected norm of that society. Some of the people who hold nothing back end up going crazy because no-one can understand why someone would ask such BOLD question(s). What if that same person was a respected leader in society? Chances are those same exact bold statements/questions could appear genious in another perspective.

It can be very difficult to find a balance between living on the Inside vs. the Outside.

For starters, you should try your hardest to not to think about people. It's not a good idea to say in your head "Hey he's a nice guy" or "Why did she do that?"... especially that second one.

Never try to understand what the other person is thinking, and why they make the decisions they make. That will simply distract you from what you were originally contemplating, and result in a biased view of that person. That is really the only way you can get screwed over in life. You enter a situation thinking it will end one way, then BAM, the last thing you ever expected to happen has happened. All because of your incorrect bias.

I am God


I know what you're probably thinking after reading the title of this entry...
- Who the hell does this guy think he is?

Well let me start by saying that I can say that I am God because our entire concept & understanding of God is SOLELY in our minds. That is one of the reasons why I don't like when people claim their own religion, whether it be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu (or even Atheist)... and then swear that all the other people in this world have it all wrong, those people will never be able to see eye-to-eye with believers in a different but similar perspective.

By me saying the phrase 'I am God', I am basically claiming to be both an Atheist & a beleiver in God at the same time. Is that possible you ask?

Sure why not, Isn't anything supposed to be possible under God ? :)

Let me continue on that for a little bit...

God does not exist, physically, in our world--- and if there really is a being out there that is watching over us, don't you think they call it 'Supreme' for a reason. It would be totally beyond our comprehension, so in our reality it is always wise to never look to another MAN (living or dead) for answers to your problems.

It has been said to never ask of God, so why pray to God for a solution.

This may sound strange to some, but I can honestly say that I have spoken to this so-called higher power... but it is only the result of my own actions, thoughts, and emotions. Having said that, I beleive that in the future, with the continuing progression of technology & science, the whole concept of God & religion will be both de-romanticized & unified based upon actual facts instead of another persons' claims of what God is or should be.

Being baptized as a Christian, it makes it difficult for me to go around saying that Jesus was just a man, just as the Muslims beleive that Mohummed was a man... That's especially true nowadays with the war going on, Muslims are viewed differently simply based on the book they read. That is ignorance if you asked me.

The Jewish religion is the same story, minus the 'messiah' or 'prophet' figure. Just because I'm a born Christian, does it really make it a sin to try to understand all perspectives of the world, without being definately right or definately wrong? I would think that should be the only way... otherwise you are bashing others.

In history, I say that the Creation of 'God' (Religion or vica-versa) was simply a way of explaining natural "enlightenment" or mental / spiritual growth. In Psychology some might call it Self-Realization, or the current highest 'stage' of being, in which only a select few achieve.

I do not think that God should be feared, however powerful he may be. Don't fear power, to me thats basically the same thing as waiting for something bad to happen. If God created ALL, then why not just shut-up and enjoy all the world has to offer.


I know its a very touchy subject, and many will disagree... but that's okay.
No man will ever honestly & totally figure out this question.
Or else every person on earth would already be in Utopia.